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Glad to be young when wildness is still there. Coming to the wildness is coming home,
therefore come, get lost in nature and you will find yourself!

The Call Of The Wild

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The call of the wild

Yala Way is an exclusive forest bungalow centrally located in a vibrant dry zone forestland encircled with world renowned bionetwork, as well as a wide range of socio-cultural attractions. The bungalow is just 4 hours away from Colombo.

In and around Yala Way

Are you ready to take off? Track towards ‘Yala Way’ is quite contented but going deeper into the wild, untouched. The bungalow offers you splendid views of wildness, water lands, farm fields and Distance Mountains from all four directions. And you are just within reach of 20 minutes for ‘Yala’ and ‘Bundala’ National Parks, ‘Kataragama’, ‘Tissamaharama’ and ‘Sithulpawwa’ ancient cities and ‘Kirinda’ beach. You are the master of your own time and you could choose from plenty. Anything, it’s for your convenience and any of our wide range of devoted services is just a word away! Located centrally within bio-diversity-rich and socio-culturally vivid surrounding, ‘Yala Little Jungle is the ideal place for family vacations, along with wildlife activities such as jungle safari, outdoor camping, nature walk, trekking, bird watching, and village tours. The village tour is a fascinating way to experience culture and lifestyle of local communities. You got wildness, mountains, animals, birds and a much more to spend your time with. That's up to you and you are the one who rules here! But don't forget the rules of the wildness and the fact that it got completely different agenda than yours! Soon the darkness will catch the wildness so find your safe heaven in the bungalow! Relax your soul and feel the silence. Chitchat with your companions and sing to feel. Have couple of drinks; one to remember and one to forget.

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Located deeper in the jungle but with well developed access road Centrally located within close proximity to Yala and Bundala National parks, Kataragama, Tissamaharama and Sithulpawwa ancient cities and Kirinda beach. Provides all sort of Safari and trekking tours. Facilitate outdoor camping Not populated. Mere wildness. Most splendid view from all four directions Well furnished and fully equipped Cater a wide range of nature lovers in customized setup Offers local grown organic foods Opportunity to experience local village lifestyle, customs and food habits


The accommodation at the bungalow includes a well furnished triple room with an attached bathroom, half walled dormitory with 3 comfortable double beds, 1 single bed and a bathroom,
2 tree houses with attached bathrooms, a kitchen, restaurant and an open deck.

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